Management - Corcoran Commercial Real Estate
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Property and Asset Management

Complex Management delivers more than property management. Our understanding of ownership investment goals provide an ideal management solution to important concepts of increasing value, NOI, and enhancing the properties’ character. We tailor our services to facilitate the most complete, effective, and quality property management possible. Based out of Kane County, IL – Complex services a wide variety of commercial properties and assets. Whether we are assisting members of the Board, a landlord, tenants, or valued vendors, we respond and communicate in a way that builds confidence, cooperation and harmony within your organization. Our mission is to operate and maintain the property in a manner that will preserve and enhance the capital investment.

Association Management

Common Interest Developments are commonly known as condominiums. These property types provide multiple owners with rights to an undivided interest in common areas and amenities within a property. Complex Management has experience managing a variety of common interest developments including but not limited to: Office Condominiums & Parks, Industrial Condos & Parks, Retail & Mixed Use developments, and HOA’s. We are committed to providing a comprehensive management solution tailored to your association. We work diligently at the direction of the board.

Industrial, Office, & Retail Property Management

Our management scope of operations include both single tenant and multi tenant commercial properties. As your property management advocate, we: develop an understanding of your vision for the asset and make it our own, understand that retaining occupancy in the property is of utmost importance, continually strive to increase the assets underlying value. Complex Management has a foundation of professional, educated, and experienced staff that is able to provide our clients with an ongoing accurate financial picture of their property or association. Moreover, we present reports to our clients in a manner which everyone, not just accountants, can clearly read and comprehend.

Mixed Use Development

The management of a property can sometimes be complex. Our experience with multi tenant – mixed use properties allow us to provide a true and accurate picture of operations to both ownership and tenants. Our know how can help clarify expense allocation among other issues. We have successfully worked in conjunction with Cities (public parking decks), Ownership, and Renters in the management of mixed use developments.

Financial Administration

Complex Management cares for every business aspect related to property or association finances. Our account services encompass financial management aspects from budget preparation through collections and delinquency management. We monitor your funds so that every penny is properly documented and accounted for.

Maintenance Services

Complex Management provides property owners with an experienced staff who are always at your disposal and ready to impart recommendations or advice related to property maintenance and projects. Our professional expertise provides a unique resource to clients, as we monitor all maintenance and construction needs as well as keep owners and associations apprised of noteworthy issues. We then create and recommend action plans for your consideration.